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Land your big idea in just 1.5 hours
TeamGS_Lauren · May 30, 2024

Thinking of starting a business but need to land your big idea? You’ve come to the right place. In just 1.5 hours, with My Big Idea: Live you can build your big idea while building your community too. This is a facilitated online workshop designed to unlock your creativity, reveal your product or service concept and help you plan your next steps.

Working alongside your fellow Sisters, our Global Sisters facilitators will inspire, motivate, and equip you with the tools to find or refine your business. It’s fun, fruitful, and won’t cost you a thing.

For many of our Sisters, this marks the beginning of their inspiring business journeys. Let’s get started!


My Big Idea is offered in two online formats: Live (with a facilitator) and Self-Guided (on your own). The content is the same, it’s just delivered in different ways, depending on your preference.

My Big Idea: Live is right for you, if…

  • You want to explore starting a business
  • You need help finding or refining a business idea
  • You like guided learning (with a facilitator)
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My Big Idea: Live will give you…

  • The tools to define and refine your business idea
  • The structure to critically evaluate your business idea’
  • The language to articulate your idea
  • The confidence to move forward
  • The motivation to keep going

In My Big Idea: Live you will… 

  • Brainstorm an idea
  • Stretch and test your idea
  • Explore possible barriers
  • Plan your next steps

*If you prefer independent learning at your own pace, try the self-guided workshop instead.

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What Sisters say about this program

“My Big Idea focused on my interests and talents in such a visual and nurturing way. It was all new for me, I was realising things that I hadn’t previously realised. I had never done any learning about myself, from that point of view, and it was so encouraging.”

– Joanne

“My Big Idea was the motivation I needed. It helped me realise I have all of these ideas and Global Sisters could actually help me channel it into what I wanted to be.”

– Raessa

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This page is for My Big Idea: Live. You can also do My Big Idea as a self-guided workshop. As the foundation for all Global Sisters programs, we highly recommend completing it in either format before starting other programs.

My Big Idea: Self-Guided
My Big Idea: Self-Guided is an independent online workshop designed to uncover or refine your business concept and plan your next steps. Moving at your own pace, you’ll work through five video tutorials totalling just 1.5 hours. And the best part? It’s totally free.

Got questions? If you have any questions, email us at

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2 hours
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm AEST
Online (Zoom)
FREE (valued at $750)
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