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Access pro-bono legal assistance for your business
Apparent · March 5, 2024

Global Sisters expands its support with pro bono partner Minter Ellison & Johnson Winter Slattery, playing a crucial role in providing a free legal referral helpline tailored for women in business. Addressing inquiries about the legal facets of your business, this service is supported by Minter Ellison’s expertise, empowering women at all stages with a free and reliable source of legal information. Whether launching a business or well-established, women in business can leverage this resource from Minter Ellison for clarity and confidence in making decisions for the future.

Legal Referral Helpline is for you, if…

  • You’re a woman-led business in Australia 
  • You’re experiencing a legal challenge or uncertainty in your business 
  • You aim to make informed business decisions with confidence
  • You seek clear and reliable information on legal matters affecting your business
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Legal Referral Helpline will give you… 

  • Access to support from leading law firms Minter Ellison and Johnson Winter Slattery 
  • Tailored assistance to provide you with guidance to meet your specific needs
  • A cost-free resource to address your general legal enquiries
  • Peace of mind as you set up a strong foundation for your business

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What Sisters say about this program

“I can’t believe I’m setting up a business in my 60s. I have done these workshops for free for 7 years and only through my First 10 Customers Coach I am piloting charging for them.”

– Jennifer

“As part of Global Sisters’ First 10 Customers Program, I have benefited from an excellent mentor who generously volunteered her time and expertise, providing guidance, reassurance, advice, accountability, and both personal and professional knowledge, enabling me to complete a re-brand and make progress towards my business goals over the last 3 months.”

– Fiona

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