Mind Matters

Balancing mental health and business.
Apparent · June 29, 2023

Do you struggle with your mental health? Are you stressed from juggling work and home life? You’re not alone.

While running a microbusiness can be a great option for Sisters experiencing mental health challenges, offering more flexibility than other work choices, it can come with its own challenges and pressures. So, how do you take care of yourself so you can take care of business? And how do you take care of business so you can take care of yourself?

Our panellists for this event include: Nadine Cohen, Revie Jane and Kasey Rainbow.

Nadine is a Sydney based writer; in 2023 she published her debut novel, she co-hosts and produces a podcast with SBS (Grave Matters) and has also co-founded a business start up and not for profit supporting refugees and asylum seekers (Hope for Nauru).

Revie Jane is a mother, entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer, she has an extensive social media following (over 230k!) and enjoys collaborating with internationally recognised brands and hard-working small businesses.

Kasey Rainbow is a neurodivergent artist whose passion for vibrant fun patterns has led to a successful, creative textile design business.

These three female founders all have lived experience with balancing mental health alongside successful business journeys- they join us for this panel discussion ‘Mind Matters’ to share their experiences, tips and strategies for maintaining the balance.  They have each spoken openly about the mental health challenges they have faced and will discuss how such challenges have become part of their public story and brand.

Join our panel of experts for an open and raw discussion about how they manage both their mental health and their businesses.

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This event will explore the perspectives and journeys of business women who grapple with both mental health and business challenges, framed by the most current Australian research and offering tactical tips, tools and techniques:

  • Understand the current state of mental health and business in Australia
  • Hear stories from those with lived experience
  • Learn practical tips, tools and techniques

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Thank you so much for your generous help with such a range of small businesses at different stages.

– Joanne

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