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Name Your Price: LIVE

Design your pricing and revenue model
TeamGS_Lauren · June 26, 2024

This session will support you in laying a solid foundation for your business and will focus on defining your ‘Price and Revenue Model’. In this session you will determine your pricing hunch, understand how your money mindset influences your decisions, reframe your thinking about sales and clarify (even expand) your revenue model.

This live group will help you determine your pricing hunch- exploring different pricing strategies to make some decisions. These pricing hunches are a starting point (it can change later when you get out in front of your real customers!)

We know women can sometimes be tentative about valuing their work and time. There’s so much interesting research in this space but in this workshop we will reflect on your money mindset and reframe how you think about sales.

This session may not be relevant to you if you have already completed Sister School with Global Sisters. However, you are most welcome to join if you want to revisit these key concepts for your business.

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In this session you will:

  • Determine your pricing hunch
  • Understand how your money mindset influences your decisions
  • Reframe your thinking about pricing and sales
  • Clarify (and expand) your revenue model

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What Sisters say about this program

‘This community of women is exactly what I’ve been looking for and so supportive of each other Being in the room always provides the energy, confidence and motivation to keep on doing and knowing you’re not alone.’


“Sister School gave me a really stable strategy for success that is proven, and it gave me the skills to stop being a hobbyist and actually become a professional, confident business woman.”

– Louise

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In this session we have covered a key learning area from Sister School, you can access the full Sister School Program via the Sister Portal in Self-Guided Courses. You can also speak to someone from our Member Service Team to see what other facilitated options are available for this program, email:

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1 hour
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