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Apparent · November 8, 2023

Make your big idea a reality with our original Sister School business education course. We’ll support you through making a business plan, and you’ll walk away with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to launch your business and reach your first customers.

If your time is limited, your life is unpredictable, or you prefer independent learning, this is the course for you. Split into 8 parts, each with several modules, you can complete the entire program in sequence or pick and choose parts as you need them. You’re your own boss already.

Sister School: Self-Guided is for you, if…

  • You have a solid business idea
  • You like to learn independently, at your pace
  • You want to earn money, your way
  • You need help setting your business foundations

Please note, we also offer Sister School in other formats.

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Course materials

Sister School: Self-Guided will give you…

  • A how-to guide for setting up your business
  • A one-page summary of your business plan
  • The confidence to showcase your business

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What Sisters say about this program

“Sister School gave me a really stable strategy for success that is proven, and it gave me the skills to stop being a hobbyist and actually become a professional, confident business woman.”

– Louise

“It’s just amazing that we can access this! I’m so thrilled that I actually found out about Sister School. It’s an incredible resource for women, it’s great.”

– Lisa

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You are viewing Sister School: Self-Guided (Part 7), the seventh in our 8-part independent learning course. Sister School is also offered in other formats:

Sister School: Intensive
This accelerated version of our flagship Sister School course will help you make a professional business plan in just five days – five fun days. Chat, share, and connect with other Sisters while you set yourself up for success.

Sister School: Weekly
Build your dream business with an experienced facilitator and learn how to create wealth your way. Join 15 – 50 of your new best friends once a week for 4 weeks in a fun, safe, and supportive online forum.

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Video duration
54 minutes
Online (on-demand video)
7 modules
FREE (valued at $3000)